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Cost of Busyness

Upon a quick reflection
Easy here to see
The cost of busyness
Is way too much for me

Makes me feel important
So many things to do
It takes me, my dear God
From sharing life with You

Away from gift of present
In time with brother share
Focusing on tasks
Not fully being here

Though tasks I accomplish
To souls it does appear
Things are more important
Of you I just don’t care

Priority of setting
Even just a moment true
To be within the Spirit
In sharing, all with You

Price of a Sunrise

The price of a sunrise
How much would you pay?
Providing the light
Throughout this day

Another question
How much to live?
For life eternal
How much would you give?

God chooses a price
For you and me
He gives everything
With joy all for free

Mind of a human
In dollars and sense
God’s currency?
Without recompense

Two value systems
One rusts away
The other divine
External of way

In day ahead
Give of money above
Joy in the sharing
Paid for with love