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Through Peace

With a little more grace
And little more space
We’ll slow this virus down

With a little more care
And little more prayer
We’ll help those all around

We’ll give our thanks
To all the ranks
In service here this day

We’ll hope there be
Scientists see
A cure will come our way

We’ll turn above
To God of love
And know us He adores

We’ll place our hope
And know we’ll cope
Through peace that He outpours

Answer of the Calling

Fear not, my beloved
God is in control
For He has prepared
Many blessed souls

Scientists and preachers
Trained for emergencies
Doctors and nurses
We need everybody

Answer of the calling
With purpose, they exist
Sharing of their giftings
For such a time as this

A question offered to you
With choice to rise above
Answer of the calling
Will you bring fear or love?