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Creation This Day

A vision of beauty
Through nature’s display
Let us rejoice in
Your creation this day

Souls of encounter
Blessed in our way
Let us love them as
Your creation this day

A self-made man
The world does say
Let me not be my
Own creation this day

Our source of new life
Through Spirit we pray
Let us be born as your
Creation this day

Claiming our calling
In His arms to stay
Oh Lord, let me be
Your creation this day

Autumn Colors — Into the Light Adventures

Autumn Colors – The soft morning light calling us to the day, creation has a way of calling us back, however far we may stray. 15 more words

Thank you Sandra, your post inspired some more thoughts…

Autumn Colors — Into the Light Adventures

Creation Calls

The soft morning light
Calls us to the day
In calling us back
Creation has a way

To the things of man
We drift away
Nature is drawing
When we go astray

Knit in our being
Our longing, convey
For beauty and peace
Of binding, someway

For as the Creator
His reflection, portray
With food for our soul
His creation, displays

Come now beloved
Through the doorway
The answer the calling
As creation, let’s pray

Creation to Offer

Into the morning
The rain plays its song
Peepers are chanting
Frogs sing along

Muscles relaxing
Drawing fresh air
One of becoming
Fully right here

Cast on horizon
The pre-day light glows
Soul of arising
A drawing to know

One of our being
In Spirits view here
Creation to offer
An entrance of prayer

Creations Splendor

Path of mountains ascension
Stirring in still waters deep
Prayer of soul satiating
Dwelling in our Saviors keep

Surrounded in fragrance of silence
Lifted in a lofty breeze
Solitude found is conducive
A falling in a prayer of ease

Soothed in a field of grass swaying
Colors in soft petals sweet
The marvel of creations splendor
In way of our Lord to meet

Lost in the colors of sunrise
Drifting in horizons’ flow
Mystery found in Your Presence
Your wisdom to us You bestow

In Creation to See

When in the orchard
I said to the tree
Speak to me of God
A blossom blessed me

I said to the sunlight
Please send hope this day
And patiently waiting
The shadows went away

I prayed with the flowers
Oh, help me to praise
We turned to the light
Their petals they raised

My brother and sister
In creation to see
Through love of the Father
All one that we be

(loosely based upon words attributed to Francis of Assisi)

Human and Creation

The sunrise bursts in glory
A beautiful display
Let our soul reflect
Your joy throughout this day

Forms of weather, many
Sometimes is severe
As children of your hope
Let us persevere

As all rivers flow
Their gift unto the Sea
Let all our blessings flow
In love of serving thee

In dusk of descending
Sins go in Your mercy
Let us each forgive
All others and of me

A song within the stars
In darkness, way to cope
Let our being shine
To you, our one true hope

Through the gift of Spirit
Surrender of our will
Let all of creation serve
His purpose to fulfill

Masterpiece of Moments

In whisper of morning
Pure light outpours
Spirit is shared
On all God adores

In colors of sunrise
A moving display
Stilling the soul
In drawing to pray

In wisp of soft breeze
Caressing the cheek
Those of accepting
Every soul seek

Surprise in a flutter
Of a butterfly
A flower of air
A gift passing by

Masterpiece of moments
In touches of grace
Value of capture
Within souls embrace