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When We Look at the Cross

When we look at the cross the truth to sink in
In wounds that He bears we see our sin

When we look at the cross what do we see?
Our sins swallowed up by His great mercy

When we look at the cross our treasure in store
Of eternal life for death is no more

When we look at the cross we are drawn above
For we are consumed in His passion of love

Simon of Cyrene

From the countryside
Appeared at the scene
Pressed into service
Simon of Cyrene

Not much written of him
A simple passer by
But was of the chosen
His help he did apply

Helping of our Jesus
Cross of bearing great
A meeting of the eyes
A prayer to contemplate

Touched His precious blood
Holy breath to share
How heavy was that cross?
Of all our sins to bare

When we are called to service
A calling here to do
To walk by Jesus’ side
May I be faithful too

After the Cross

Locked behind the door
Huddled in our fear
Speaking, Peace be with you
Jesus does appear

Overwhelmed in doubt
Proof to be supplied
Jesus comes to us
Here now, touch my side

Not seeing clearly
On path along the way
Word to us explained
He walks with us this day

Three times a denial
Failure we do see
Jesus calls to us
With His love and mercy

Spirit of the Cross

The way of the cross
What is this Spirit, be?
One of selflessness
Surely not of me

About a sacrifice
Passion is of love
Giving of it all
To our God above

Way of forgiveness
A heart of mercy
Appearance of failure
In God’s view, victory

Bless me this Spirit
As my challenges face
I can only fulfill
By Your precious grace


As we come to Easter
Of Passion created
Amazing events
That God orchestrated

A donkey, some oil
A cup that was shared
A celebration
A meal was prepared

Peters’ denial
As Judas departs
Guilty of sin
We all play a part

A prayer in the garden
Submission of will
Through pain of scourging
He endured still

A death on a cross
Event so surprising
Through passion of Jesus
Joy in the rising

Help us to remember
In joy and our strife
In will of our choosing
He orchestrates our life

Our Lord Chose

You could have required
Most treasured divine
With elements simple
You chose bread and wine

Throne of Your choosing
Of ultimate cost
As God’s Son divine
You chose a cross

You could have saved us
With minimal try
Instead, gave it all
You chose to die

My brothers and sisters
Speak these words and see
Most grateful of all
That You’ve chosen me

In Front of Me

A gaze upon
The cross to see
The love that is
In front of me

This story true
Of God with us
In soul of view

Let focus be
In way ahead
The light that shines
In daily bread

My cross to bear
Or joy to see
Know in my soul
You’re there with me