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God gave us tears

There is a sacredness
Found within our tears
Not a mark of weakness
But of power, here

And they speak more
Then 10,000 words
Could ever be

They are messengers
A deep contrition of
Overwhelming grief
And unspeakable love

When more than we can bear
Our loving God ingrained
The ability to cry
To cleanse away our pain

See in their reflection
The truth of this insight
Indwelling compassion
In each drop shining bright

From Hear God In Other Voices


Hear God in Other Voices

I have purchased a wonderful little book called The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse. It has wonderful pieces of wisdom and today I read “Tears fall for a reason and they are your strength not weakness.”

The way our world is today many tears are falling. Sometimes all the pain becomes more than we can bear. However, our loving God gave us the ability to cry. Those tears rolling down our cheeks can cleanse some of the pain. God did not promise that life would be without pain. Only that he would be there with us…and to help….he gave us tears.

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You Helped Me To Cry

The day sorrow found me
I tried to keep it in
You shared a hug in love
Invitation to begin

That of heart outpouring
Tears streaming from our eyes
Comfort in your being
One within our cries

Together here of sharing
A binding beyond words
One within the knowing
That our hearts be heard

One of heaven sending
Compassion in your eye
Wrapped in arms of love
You helped me to cry

Forever I’ll be grateful
Beyond the words of feeling’
Beginning in this moment
You paved the path of healing