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Dawn has gold in its mouth

Inspired by Paths of the Spirit


Dawn’s Mouth

A vision is gifted
Such beauty to behold
For within dawn’s mouth
It is holding gold

With the ear of Spirit
Through a silent Word
Spoken from dawn’s mouth
Wisdom can be heard

To all within the light
A gentle love to share
A kiss sent from dawn’s mouth
Savoring peace here

To gather all creation
Our beloveness, declare
An offer of dawn’s mouth
To come share in a prayer

Mist Before Dawn

Of one to awake
A vision to be
Before mind can go
With souls’ eye to see

A vapor of being
In pasture be drawn
Losing oneself
In the mist before dawn

A journey with into
Of silence to fill
A setting of prayer
A gift to be still

For our deep desire
To be of the greater
Come be within
The breath of Creator

Coming Light

Though the earth be dark and black
Horizon lights a glow
Colors bright chase the night
Of prophets call to know

For within the coming light
A blessing of the view
The hope for all humanity
The grace and love of You

You’ve ordained this moments time
Of day ahead to see
Each soul prepared to kingdom way
With holy gifts from Thee

With humble grace You let it go
Each soul of will to be
Let us embrace Your light of grace
To shine love joyfully

Into the Morning

Into the morning
When mist kisses dawn
Before the first light
And birds lift their song

In power of stillness
Of one to fall in
I find myself lost
By our drifting within

A blanket of peace
Of comfort we find
A veil passing through
Of dwelling divine

For what the mind
Cannot construe
Through Spirit be
Comes into view

To Wake Before Dawn

I think we were meant
To wake before dawn
In the stilling darkness
Our soul to be drawn

Into the quiet
Foundation of peace
All thoughts and worries
Here to release

In hope of the light
A gift of new day
Seeking creator
In turning to pray

Take not for granted
That this day will be
Focus of being
Dependent on thee

And in the sun rising
A grateful heart
Rejoice with creation
To now serve our part