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Waves of the Dawning

Blessed every morning
In waves of the dawning
Senses of filling
The Spirit is spawning

Song of the bird
Ears of the filling
A sparkling reflection
Of colors spilling

Emptiness carries
Sound through the air
A transparency
Allows light shining clear

Hint of reminder
Same be for you
With waves of the Spirit
Through us to flow through

With a gift of sharing
From another place
Let the Spirit flow
With the waves of grace

High Deserts Dawning

In the high desert
Of thin mountain air
We rest in the dawning
Of light to appear

A sky full of peace
Of rising into
Turning from darkness
To hope in the view

Let dark clouds of passing
Drift on their way
A scene for the soul
In drawing to pray

A hint of eye seeing
Of this gift begun
In colors transforming
To Spiritual ones

A Winters Dawning

Soft is the sunrise
Within winters chill
Colors are warming
Moving soul still

A capture of drawing
Transfixed in the glow
Desire to move on
Is lost in letting go

Inner of the calling
With gift of answered prayer
Beauty of the being
This moment that we share

Joy within dwelling
Appearing shining bright
Found a new perspective
In birth of dawning light

Be of the Dawning

Night of the restless
So much on the mind
Exhausted from resting
The morning we find

A gaze to horizon
In beauty of glow
A drawing into
Of something to know

God of great glory
Awaiting to send
The way of His Spirit
Let me now depend

Re-center the focus
Of soul to appear
Take me away
To dwelling right here

A drifting to prayer
Inner light spawning
New vision awakes
To be of the dawning

Dawning’s Prayer

Let’s meet on the shore line
To be of the dawning
In light of newborn
Sweet silence of morning

First movement of day
One of the binding
Way of the moment
Spirit of finding

Surrender the offer
Humbleness show
One of accepting
Your love to know

Beyond tongue of speaking
Souls gift to share
Deeper connection
Of the one gift we bear

A Moving of Dawning

Come now morning light
New day to proclaim
Resting in its flow
Stoking inner flame

Horizon on water
Stillness entice
A mirrors reflection
Of watching it twice

A palette of beauty
A changing of view
Stirring of colors
Refraction of You

Peace of instilling
In joy of the light
Warming of soul
Love to ignite

A gift of receiving
Of the rising, be
A moving of dawning
Ends up moving me