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A Calling This Day

Awake into dawning
The Word spoken, clearly
A calling, desire
Come to be with Me

I have a gift for you
One to share this day
Listen to my voice
Through silence, when we pray

Past all distractions
Know it here as true
Echo deep within
My Word of, I love you

Covenant to cherish
Don’t cast it away
Soak it in your soul
In your bones, to stay

The core of our faith
My passion blessed to you
Live as my disciple
Know it here as true

Covering You This Day

May the brilliant light
That shines through trees above
Fill you with its’ hope
Surrounding you in love

May the voice within
That sparks cardinals to sing
Rise within your soul
To think of happy things

May air under its’ wings
That gives the hawk its’ lift
With vision of above
Bless you with its’ gift

And may the hand of peace
That stills the ocean calm
Come embrace your soul
Safe within His arms

And know with confidence
That all our angels pray
One of heavens song
And covers you this day

All Day

So many thoughts
Of cloudy view
And I could pray
All day to You

So many needs
Coming pouring through
And I could spend
All day with You

For I just don’t
Know what to do
I could depend
All day on You

Oh my beloved
I want this too
Let’s be all day
What’s stopping You

This Winters’ Day

In the cold of winter’s day
The frozen heart longs now to pray
For warming light upon us lay
And melt my sin away

In the depths of winter’s day
The fear filled heart of need to pray
To free this soul from worlds dismay
And in Your arms to stay

In this barren winter’s day
The empty heart turns now to pray
To fill with gifts that you convey
You bless in many ways

In this long dark winter’s day
The lonely heart appeals to pray
And though it may seem faraway
It soon will be Easter Sunday

Embrace the Day

An offer of vision
In the lights ascent
A gift here of life
Of invitation sent

A welcoming Spirit
That calls us into
Let our response be
We welcome you too

To pause in the moment
To contemplate
The wonders of life
And in each celebrate

With each souls encounter
A treasure of finding
To be fully present
With love in the binding

When we grow selfish
The truth to embrace
A blessed remember
That everything’s grace

And come joy or sorrow
Sharing our feelings
With our friends and our Lord
See what God’s revealing

With blessing of time
Of wisdom bestow
The freedom to savor
Then letting things go

With great expectation
With grateful heart pray
Oh Lord, let us fully
Embrace this day

A Beautiful Day

When it is sunny
A greeting we say
Isn’t it such
A beautiful day

I have an idea
To offer to you
Let’s shift the message
Beyond weathers view

To turn our focus
For each days a gift
Blessed to us by God
Our praise to lift

For when I see you
I’m so glad you’re here
Shining the Spirit
With Gods love to share

So, when it’s raining
Sky cloudy and gray
We’ll smile together
It’s a beautiful day

Let’s bless a new greeting
To share in the way
No matter the weather
It’s a beautiful day

Moments of Day

The quiet of morning
Of gentle light lay
Let this moment of peace
Feed our soul this day

Let the Spirit now guide us
Taking moments to pray
Relationship binding
In life everyday

When we see the needy
Let us serve in some way
And may we receive
When we need help this day

Our purpose, oh Lord
To give Your love away
From the source of all truth
How You love us this day

In our joys and sorrows
By You Lord to stay
Our moments of faith
May we trust you this day

Oh, how we’ll rejoice
When we hear Jesus say
How blessed where our moments
At the end of our days

A Day of Loving

Calling all disciplines
With each day to begin
A practice of loving
A simple discipline

First thought of consciousness
To become aware
God is blessing you
With His love right here

Treasure of our being
Of His love so true
Into soul of keeping
Completely soaking through

Rock of our foundation
The lens within our view
Here, a day of loving
His gifts flowing through

Into day of living
Whenever here may be
Joy within the knowing
My God is loving me

Days Light

Light of the dawning
So gently it lay
Speaks all is anew
A drawing to pray

Bright is the shining
Light of mid-day
Of clarity’s vision
Guiding the way

As sun is setting
With gift to relay
A blessing of mercy
Love it conveys

Store in the soul
Your light here to stay
In darkness of night
May our faith never sway