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A Day of Loving

Calling all disciplines
With each day to begin
A practice of loving
A simple discipline

First thought of consciousness
To become aware
God is blessing you
With His love right here

Treasure of our being
Of His love so true
Into soul of keeping
Completely soaking through

Rock of our foundation
The lens within our view
Here, a day of loving
His gifts flowing through

Into day of living
Whenever here may be
Joy within the knowing
My God is loving me

Days Light

Light of the dawning
So gently it lay
Speaks all is anew
A drawing to pray

Bright is the shining
Light of mid-day
Of clarity’s vision
Guiding the way

As sun is setting
With gift to relay
A blessing of mercy
Love it conveys

Store in the soul
Your light here to stay
In darkness of night
May our faith never sway

Day of Joy

Oh Lord help me to let
This be a day of joy
Blessed within the Spirit
With these truths to employ

To know that I am loved
By One beyond compare
Constant and forever
My source of joy found here

Of peace that’s known in Christ
A friend beyond compare
To see Him and to be
The peace of Him now here

That heavens my true home
Of hope beyond compare
One to share in now
Through love to bring it here

Birthing This Day

How still this morning
Clean is the slate
A beautiful setting
To contemplate

Blue sky is empty
Pause now the air
The water, a mirror
Of light to appear

A blanket of silence
Of Spirit extol
A movement within
To offer the soul

Creations alignment
Attention turn to
Birthing this day
In glory of You

Watch The Day Begin

Something in the sunrise
A calling from within
A special kind of blessing
To watch the day begin

Whole world of the turning
One unto the light
Found within the greeting
Gift of pure delight

Setting of perspective
To every soul embrace
In beauty of bestowing
This day’s a gift of grace

Light of the instilling
Spirits touch befall
Abundant is the blessing
Love is cast on all

Two beings of binding
Human and divine
Let’s all be One
Peace the song we find