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Deep Is the Stillness

In time of Your Presence
An offer herein
Deep is the stillness
Of drawing within

Desire of soul
Our answer is clear
A thirsting of need
Oh Lord, lead us there

One of the center
Foundation of view
Soul of the seeing
Through the lens of You

In our joys and sorrows
Whatever we face
We’re safe and secure
Deep in Your embrace

Deep Beyond Deep

Read in the scriptures
Through Spirit to seep
Infinite wisdom
Deep beyond deep

To trust in the Father
A step of faith leap
Infinite grace
Deep beyond deep

When lost in sin
Forgiveness to reap
Infinite mercy
Deep beyond deep

Known in the soul
Our treasure to keep
Infinite love
Deep beyond deep

The Deep

Through grace of God
Of Spirit clear
Know deep in soul
Your Presence here

A cleansing breath
Of drawing deep
Your precious love
In heart to keep

Again, again
Word to repeat
A binding deep
Of love complete

Of God so good
Through and through
The deep to share
The love of You

Settle Now the Deep

In a world that’s swirling
Here, let the quiet seep
A prayer of nourishment
To settle now the deep

That of simple resting
Spirit pray in me
Inner of the dwelling
A letting to just be

Gift of new foundation
Moving into You
Lens of the refocus
Vision birthed anew

Center of perspective
Binding at the core
Blessed affirmation
Love to be outpoured

Deep of the Needing

Deep of the needing
Of Your gift’s unseen
Prayer of the letting
To drift in between

Soul here to offer
Surrender the will
Grace of the seeking
Your Presence to fill

Beyond of the knowing
Of wisdom profound
Restoring the soul
Upon Holy ground

Dwelling within
Your Presence of being
Letting love flow
Needing is freeing