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Into Falling Deeper

A time of our prayer
With Savior and keeper
A gift of His grace
Into falling deeper

Deeper into comfort
Knowing of our being
Deeper into rest
Deeper into freeing

Deeper into drifting
Knowing Presence of
Deeper into dwelling
Deeper into love

Deeper into peace
Knowing of the true
Deeper into home
Deeper into You

Deeper and Higher

We all need more time
Thus, we live life fast
There is another way
To make this moment last

Pausing now to see
In gratefulness to dwell
An opportunity
To live this moment well

Slowing the momentum
Growing the soul deep
Cherishing through senses
To let this moment seep

A view of the higher
Lifting soul above
Receiving of the blessing
Know in this moment, love

To time beyond the mortal
With our God to be
To live within this moment
Of eternity

Deeper of the Calling

How do you do it
Oh water of blue
In calming my soul
You always flow through

Why the attraction
To silence I’m drawn
A dwelling of peace
Of inner to spawn

What is the stirring
Of lights fascination
One of uplifting
A joy filled sensation

Deeper of calling
Desire of more
In prayer of the sharing
Love You outpour

Deeper and Beyond

Resting in your presence
A drawing, nice and slow
Found within your blessing
Deeper than we know

To be fully present
Letting will concur
Spirit speaking through
A prayer past human words

Known within the soul
That you are nearer than near
You carry me into
A being beyond here

In binding acceptance
In light of beauty
Grace of receiving
Love purer than can be

Deeper We Reside

Of this simple prayer
Awareness to see
Holy is this moment
In Your Presence be

One beyond all time
Filling of all space
Wherever we may be
Sacred is this place

Word is flowing through
Below, beside, above
Encompassing the soul
In Your hands of love

Longing of the two
Deeper we reside
Binding into One
Desire satisfied

Go Deeper Still

A glimmer of blessing
A gift You out-pour
You want me to ask
Please give me more

Adrift within Spirit
Release of the will
Longing arising
To go deeper still

Forgiveness complete
Treasure of sending
Peace that you give
Of mercy unending

My God of love
Of blessings so great
Eternal awe
To contemplate