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Hearts’ Desire

A moments happiness
When things went my way
And when it didn’t
It quickly passed away

And so, I was happy
When I bought something new
That quickly became old
Another thing, pursue

I couldn’t fill the void
Searching everywhere
And behold the answer
To let God find me here

Hearing of the good news
A calling of the higher
To find delight in our Lord
Who gives our hearts desire

It’s My Great Desire

The gift of your Presence
Of being right here
Of longing fulfilled
I am so aware

To focus the mind
Aligning the heart
To nourish the soul
Through grace You impart

Such bountiful blessings
Of banquet to feed
Your treasures unseen
Are my deepest need

Finding my center
Through sense of belonging
Your unspoken word
Is my deepest longing

Of living water
A sponge of soaking
Presence permeating
The Spirit invoking

Whatever it is
Of this gift you outpour
It’s my great desire
That I want more

An Unspoken Desire

We’re souls of the searching
Of body and mind
An unspoken desire
That we seek to find

We read and we study
Consume and we buy
We ask other people
But we come up dry

With soul to go deeper
Much closer, we be
We pray and we serve
A guiding light, see

A prayer here to offer
In His love, surround
We find our answer
That we long to be found

Known Through Only You

It is my desire
To be of Your desire
One of only love
A calling of the higher

It is my intention
Of Your name to mention
Giving You the glory
In all my life’s’ dimensions

It is my calling
Of my will befalling
To give it all to You
Through Spirit of installing

It’s of my availing
In these things I’m failing
And known through only You
In mercy of unveiling

A Need of Desire

A need we desire
To be loved, so true
Great is Gods’ desire
To bless His love to you

Can we pause this day?
To let our purpose be
The binding of this love
Our first priority

A prayer of receiving
Or found in scriptures’ Word
A seed of nature’s beauty
In silence, whisper heard

To His will of releasing
Let us come to know
In giving love away
Allows His love to grow

A soul of loves Spirit
A light of such beauty
Mercy, peace and joy
Fruits for all to see

Souls Desire

From cloudy day
Of darkened morn’
An open door
To You adorn

To light that draws
The inner way
A blessed gift
With You to pray

Of Presence full
The soul consume
Let Spirit bloom

With daily view
A lifting higher
Your gift bestowed
Of souls desire