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All Your Desires

Tell me your desires
Let’s offer up a prayer
Through the grace of Jesus
We’ll find the answer here

A need to be loved
A purpose to find
Known in the Word
His way is divine

You want to be rich
With more than money
The treasures of heaven
Are offered for free

You don’t want to suffer
Removing your fear
A friend in Jesus
Your cross, He will bear

You don’t want to die
Want security
He is the promise
For all eternity

Is it this simple?
These gifts to receive
Lord help us to say
Oh yes, we believe!


Filled with desires
The same, all are we
One of the soul
Heart, mind and body

To nourish the belly
Of hunger inside
With food and water
The earth does provide

Relationship needing
Spouse of the finding
Desire of heart
Of intimate binding

Still a great longing
Our soul does pursue
One of beyond
All creation points to

Found in our prayer
Our Savior we meet
Blessed by His grace
Our desire complete