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Morning Dew

To start the day in prayer
Relationship pursue
Thirsting of the quenching
Sweet the morning dew

In the heat of day
With challenges so tough
Let these drops of water
Here now be enough

When it’s parched and dry
Hope this day to keep
Grounded in the soul
Of the roots grown deep

When the rain pours down
Let living water flow
Grateful for the blessings
If our Lord to know


In predawns’ arising
A calling into
Prayer of the binding
Time blessed in You

Daily the manna
Of souls desire
A moving of grace
Call of the higher

Center of being
Foundation restore
Found in Your dwelling
Gifts even more

As bodies composed
Of waters percent
Spirit infused
Of nourishment sent

Everything blessed
Awakened renewed
Witness outpours
As is the morning dew