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Different Way

In native cultures
A different way, seeing
A good education
Is a way of being

A practice of soul
Of simply to be
To just sit and look
When there’s nothing to see

A practice of presence
To be aware
To just sit and listen
When there’s nothing to hear

When lost in the moment
A blessing divine
In losing yourself
It’s yourself that you find

A Different Scene

Something unfamiliar
Perspective of new view
Different scene presented
Stirs the soul anew

Finding of a poem
Here in this new place
A welcoming acceptance
Plants a seed of grace

Key within the finding
Acknowledge Presence here
Lessons of life long
That You are everywhere

If we’re truly willing
To let the Spirit through
In facet of the flowing
A new view found of You

A Different Kind of Space

Though a passageway
A different kind of space
Breath of Spirit drawing
Stillness of embrace

Awakening of soul
Of Presence, so complete
Time now of beyond
In glorious retreat

Easy of the dwelling
Surrounding be of peace
Fullness of acceptance
Ego here release

Intimate of prayer
Love is overflowing
Truly of the being
Taste of heaven knowing