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Like the Divine

Like each breath within our lungs
Inhaling life this day
Let it be of Spirits tongue
Exhale the rest away

Like the blood within our veins
That flows to every cell
Filling each with oxygen
It brings Your love as well

Like every thought within our mind
Information to distill
Only to Your Word of love
As one to do Your will

Like the essence of our soul
To dwell as One above
The presence of our being
A soul of only love

Like the divine, impossible
As a mortal man
By sharing in your body, Lord
We believe we can

Spirit Divine

In this moment still
Through a choice of our will
Divinity’s treasure we find

Or rather it be
That our Lords finding me
A gift of the Spirit divine

In silence is heard
Speak His living word
A blessing of our peace of mind

The way the wind blows
With our faith to follow
With breath of the Spirit divine

With our friend here to see
To embrace joyfully
In trinity’s love that we bind

He’s our security
For His grace covers me
With gratefulness let our joy shine

In our walk here this day
It’s our great joy to say
We are one in the Spirit divine

A Divine Whisper

Blessed this moment
Of light upon earth
The sky finds its’ color
This day given birth

A moments reflection
Of will offered here
Arise now oh soul
As a being of prayer

In sacred silence
Holy light from above
A whisper divine
Breathes a breath of love

You are not what you do
You are not your fears
You are not what they say
Release all that here

As the beloved
Come be yourself true
Reborn as My child
Let My love shine through

The Divine Paradox

Listening to Jesus
In His wisdom, find
One of the opposite
Of paradox divine

If you save your life
You will find it lost
If you lose your life
It’s found without a cost

For this world celebrates
The proud, who stand tall
But exonerates
The humble and the small

Not to fill oneself
Of selfishness, portray
But joy is found within
Giving self away

It profits a man nothing
For him to give his soul
Even if the offer
Is of the world, whole

Sounds of Gathering

Into the silence
A shuffle or two
Precious souls drawing
To worship You

Crack of knees bending
Page of Word turns
A clearing of throat
The open heart yearns

A closing of door
A whisper of greeting
Reverence of posture
Beloved of meeting

Sounds of gathering
Fill this empty space
Human and divine
Distractions turn to grace

Love Love

I love you God
Are words I say
Our God is love
A question, pray

How do you love love?
One of receiving
Intimate binding
Gift of believing

The heart’s desire
Of longing, be
A gratefulness
Of soul in thee

Go deeper still
Be understood
For love is willing
The other good

Of souls, today
Open my eyes
Let me love you
Our Christ in disguise

Love of the Divine

It’s all about love
Jesus made it clear
Don’t miss the meaning
Of your life, here

For you were made in love
For love created be
Find, when you act in love
Your true identity

It’s an invitation
To our life eternal
It’s simple and that hard
Choice of the internal

For our God is love
Created in love, find
To be love therefore
Is to be of the divine

Gateway Divine

Before Your great light
Of gateway divine
Gift of the glimpses
Through this soul of mine

Portal of beauty
Of love pure and true
Way of the Spirit
Captures the view

Speaking to the soul
Way of above
Of only one treasure
The sweet gift of love

The blessed receiver
Rejoicing in prayer
Increasing the blessing
With Your gifts to share