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Man in the Door

So grateful this day
I could go to the store
A man clearly stressed
Appeared at the door

I had to think fast
To bless him this day
Lord gift me your word
To recast his way

Lord please flow through me
In peace , let him be
I asked how are you
His answered pleased me

The Lord has blessed him
In so many ways
May he slow down
This petition, I pray

I hoped he would stop
But he ran out the door
So I’ll pray for him
Please Lord bless him some more

Lady in The Door

I was in a big rush
As I ran out of the store
A lady appeared
in the open door

Clearly disabled
Just barely could walk
A smile shone bright
As she started to talk

With a, Hi, how are you
I said, I’m going great
She said, That makes me glad
I ran out, couldn’t wait

She stuck in my mind
Though body was broken
Her Spirit was bright
Joy the word spoken

Something about her
In soul was profound
In light of surrounding
It’s Jesus I found

Open the Back Door

Open the back door
Venture outside
Bask in the sunlight
With You to reside

Upon a soft breeze
Under tall pine
Drawing the fresh air
Your Presence divine

Peacefully silent
Surrounding in song
Bird serenading
One creation belong

Spirit of drawing
Light flowing through
Inner and outer
Connecting to You

Leave the Door Open

Inner room to enter
With posture to adore
Longing soul awaits
Opening the door

Psalm of silence sweet
Calming the soul still
Emptying the space
Hope of Presence fill

A rising so softly
The Spirit to flow
A filling completely
Love here to know

A drifting eternal
Of intimacy
A dwelling of being
Of You filling me

Word Becomes the Door

When searching for answers
The Way to explore
A binding to open
The Word becomes the door

Friendship is offered
With love that is pure
A drawing within
The Word becomes the door

The Spirit inspired
Gifts shared and more
With lessons of wisdom
The Word becomes the door

In struggles and sin
Forgiveness outpour
With mercy blessed
The Word becomes the door

Before heaven’s gate
A key to secure
By price that’s been paid
The Word becomes the door