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Open the Doors

Come open the doors
To welcome within
Come let the morning
Come pouring in

Sweet the fresh air
Sweet morning sounds
Filling our senses
Sweet peace surrounds

A deeper movement
As a sacrament
One of the Spirit
That it represents

One house of dwelling
In this soul of mine
One breath of being
Of Presence divine


It occurred to me as our life, we explore
That it is a series of many doors

Ones that are open and ones closed too
Ones we ignore and ones we go through

If we approach it from this point of view
Life can be less stressful and more joyful too

Selecting the doors of our journey, pursue
With a step of faith of trusting in You

And if the door closes may we still proclaim
Although disappointed we trust in Your name

For this is the door of greatest value
Let us open it wide to know Your love true

Today a door opened with gratefulness, pray
We rejoice together the Lord blesses your way