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Drawing of Life

Breathing a breath
Of moment right here
The gift of life sent
Through drawing of air

Praying a prayer
Through the Spirit, Holy
A share in the life
Of divinity

Loving the Lover
Becoming aware
The life of beyond
Of His grace everywhere

Be of a being
As a breath of a prayer
To carry a moment
Of eternal love, share

Stilling, Drawing, Guiding

Listen to the water flow
Pour into my heart
Stirring Spirit of the deep
Stillness to impart

Still within the mornings light
Moving in reflection
Warming Spirit of sweet joy
Drawing of connection

Draw deep of the moment now
Being of right here
Dwelling Spirit of His peace
Guiding us to prayer

Guide us now within the way
His giftings’ let us bring
Stilling, drawing, guiding
With Spirits voice to sing

A Drawing

A drawing of breath
Of this cool winter air
Refreshing the lungs
Of thought nice and clear

A drawing of deeper
Of movement to prayer
In stilling of soul
Of being right here

In the arms of Spirit
One clearly can see
Through His love eternal
That He is drawing me

With gifts overflowing
An opportunity
As His blessed servant
A drawing heavenly

That I’ve Come to Know

What is of this drawing
That I’ve come to know
Mystery of Presence
Of grace that You bestow

What is of this dwelling
That I’ve come to know
Wrapped in arms of comfort
Letting my true self, show

What is of this being
That I’ve come to know
Spirit of instilling
Setting soul aglow

What is of this loving
That I’ve come to know
Empty cup of filling
Let it overflow

Gentle the Drawing

Something of morning
In view here to see
A message of soul
To come be with me

A whisper of calling
Perceived in the mist
Let us now be
In Spirit subsist

Through light of arising
In loves warming true
Prayer of indwelling
So easy to do

Gentle the drawing
To follow the way
Secure in the knowing
Of faith to convey