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Being in Moment

In being of moment
A moment of being
A freeing of moment
In being of freeing

In connection of moment
A moment’s connection
Affection of moment
Connections affection

In dwelling of moment
A moment of dwelling
A swelling of moment
In dwelling of swelling

In being of dwelling
A dwelling of being
A swelling affection
In affection of freeing

Inner Dwelling

Inner dwelling, so compelling
God of wonder, God of light
Spirit flowing, gifts bestowing
Soul of stirring, flame ignite

Song of praising, heart of raising
God of goodness, God of might
Spirit filling, heart be willing
Soul rejoicing, His delight

Be of praying, love conveying
God of mercy, God of night
Spirit binding, seeking finding
Soul forgiving, way contrite

Way of leading, will conceding
God of wisdom, God of sight
Spirit guiding, here residing
Soul of drawing, One unite

Divinity Dwelling

In silence and sunrise
In still waters flow
A setting of prayer
So easy to know

Bless a breeze softly
Guiding the way
Gentle the drifting
Peace to convey

A warming of heart
In binding to share
Divinity dwelling
In this moment here

A practice of knowing
Awareness to see
Wherever You are
In heaven to be