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With the Ear of Soul

Bear with me a moment
A thought for us to share
Starting with this premise
That God is everywhere

And He is seeking us
With his love to bring
Our God is all creation
Is found in everything

The life within each soul
From the light of one
If we see with love
He shines through everyone

And through all these things
His voice can be heard
With the ear of soul
Silence is His word

Found in every moment
Through silence of his word
May the soul be still
To let God’s voice be heard

A blessing of practice
For the soul to see
The gift of the vision
Of Gods great beauty

I Can Lend an Ear

Words of my Mother
Of ones I hold dear
“Please remember to call
If I can lend an ear”

When off to college
Arising my fears
You encouraged my heart
With words that you shared

Or raising the children
I was always aware
I could turn your wisdom
You were always there

Throughout my life
A note would appear
On rainy days
Your love I would hear

Though you’ve passed on
I hear your voice clear
“Please remember to call
If I can lend an ear”