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Let Every

Let every flower bloom
Let every bird sing
Let every branch blossom
Let every bell ring

Let every blade sway
Let every color glow
Let every wave rise
Let every drop flow

Let every peeper peep
Let every star shine
Let every wave crest
Let every deer pine

Let every knee bend
Let every soul proclaim
Let every face turn
Let every tongue exclaim

Let all creation praise
All of one accord
He is risen from the grave
Jesus Christ is Lord

Easter Monday

It is Easter Monday
Let’s not ignore it here
Perhaps it is the most
Important of the year

Our relatives go home
Return to our routine
Back to work and chores
What did Easter mean?

For it’s the day we toss
Our Easter eggs away
Did our all joy of Sunday
Go here the same way?

Will we live as sinners?
As souls living in fear
Or as a believer
With the good news to share?

With each sacred sunrise
In light let us profess
Be of great rejoicing
To live a life that’s blessed

There Is A Time

There was a time
Of darkness on earth
God sent His Son
Through a virgin’s birth

There was a time
The Word He conveyed
Sharing God’s love
And showing the way

There was a time
When it seemed, all was lost
When evil prevailed
He was hung on a cross

There was a time
His rising appeared
With great rejoicing
The truth was shared

If there’s ever a time
For our world to pray
To turn and acknowledge
Yes, He is risen today!


(Mark 14:51-52 Mark 16:5)

At the time of His passion
A young man appears
A question to Mark
Why is he there?

In Gethsemanes garden
Where Jesus did pray
They tried to seize him
But he ran away

He wore a garment
Of a simple white
That’s called a sindona
He left it in fright

He appears in the tomb
Where Jesus was raised
To women, he spoke
They were amazed

Now in reflection
It’s clear to see
That this disciple
Represents you and me

For this is the clothing
For the baptized
We hide in our fear
But in Jesus we rise

( https://www.wordonfire.org/resources/homily/ 3/28/21 and 4/4/21)

Horizon of Holy Week

Upon the horizon
Let all sinners seek
The offer of treasure
Of our Holy Week

So rich are the blessings
Found in the Word
The miracles shared
Of truth that occurred

An infinite well
Through mystery deep
An eternal drawing
Of quenching to seep

Through prayer of a supper
And passions display
Comes our greatest joy
On Easters Sunday!

Hope Realized

All living things
Will come to die
A truth to see
We can’t deny

God’s chosen ones
Then found a way
If without sin
Gods wrath to sway

Try though they might
With rules construe
But it’s a task
No man can do

God out of love
His Son He gave
Man and divine
For us to save

He showed the way
Of love so pure
Send on a task
One to endure

He took our sins
Yes, everyone
To Father said
Your will be done

A suffering
So cruel, He died
By hands of men
Was crucified

Laid in a tomb
He body spread
On the third day
Rose from the dead

He conquered death
Our joy to be
Our hope realized

Of This Easters Day

Arise into the silent dawn
Of an April ‘morn
A sensing in the soul
Of blossoms breath be born

A binding of remembrance
Within the womb so deep
Of new life into being
Creators love to seep

Find me now within this love
The core of Presence be
That brings all things to life
Instill this joy in me

Spirit of the rising Son
Who rolls the stone away
Birth within His passion
Of this Easters day

This Easter Day

God became man
He paid the price
For all our sins
He was sacrificed

We crucified him
And still he returned
For all who believe
Our salvation earned

This is the good news
Our voice let us raise
Deep in our soul
Unrelenting praise

A message of hope
Let all our life say
Our source of joy
Is this Easter day

People of Easter

(based upon a quote from Pope John Paul II)

He issued a call
For holiness true
Let Gods light appear
Flow through me and through you

Do not abandon
Yourself to despair
We are people of Easter
Hallelujah we share

In difficult times
Let this be our song
Binding in Word
Through the One we belong

We are people of joy
One of the light
We’ve nothing to fear
Lords’ love shining bright

Hold fast to our faith
Proclamation to cope
God will not disappoint
Through His promise of hope