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Good Either Way

Biden or Trump 

We don’t know today  

But let our souls say  

We are good either way  

For we know our leader  

And have peace of mind  

For our Lord and Savior  

Is of the divine  

For we cast our vote  

Each and every day  

By sharing his love  

And when we pray 

We still carry hope  

If not of our plans  

For we place our trust  

Into God’s hands 

A New Leader

Come now America
It’s time we decided
To choose a leader
Let us be united

Not of left or right
But one of dignity
One who respects
All humanity

A fighter for the poor
Of true integrity
Using power strong
Leads with humility

Heart of compassion
Of word trusted true
A leader with love
A great protector too

Inspiring us
In mission to share
A calling of purpose
With gifts that we bear

Is it not possible?
Yes, in our control
In following Jesus
We vote with our soul