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Come to awaken
In the dawning light
Come Spirit to dwell
With deeper insight

Come to contemplate
And celebrate
The gift of wonder
Of His birth so great!

The gift of love
Come to our hope
Of binding divine
Beyond human scope

Source of our joy
Come wisdom revealing
He is God with us
Our comfort and healing

Through His sacrifice
His grace is the key
Come know the way
To eternity

With great rejoicing
To all the world
Oh come, oh come

Gift of God With Us

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
Gift of God with us
Word of the repeating
When in need of trust

When things don’t go my way
And I complain and fuss
Turn unto the cross
And know that God’s with us

When sin overwhelms
I stumble and I fell
In need of mercy great
Turn to Emmanuel

When grace this soul receives
May this joyful heart tell
The goodness of our God
Our great Emmanuel


Emmanuel, Emmanuel
How lovely is thy name
Our hope for all eternity
Which all souls can lay claim

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
How sweet the sound that brings
God with us, God with us
To us means everything

Jesus, Jesus, one who saves
Us from all our sin
When accepting You
Our new life to begin

Jesus, Jesus, God with us
Glory be thy name
From valley low and mountain high
Your name to proclaim

Savior to See

The whole town was buzzing
As soon as I awoke
“Our Savior born this day”
Were crazy words they spoke

I’ve got plans today
I guess that I’ll go see
Stop for a few minutes
Is something there for me

The child lay before me
Transfixed within my gaze
Something of His presence
Stirred my soul, amazed

A question now before me
Will I dwell and pray
A movement of transforming
Or go on my way