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Filling Our Emptiness

We arise each morning
From a night of rest
With a choice to fill
Our mind of emptiness

We tend to think of tasks
Things that we must do
Turning on the noise
World takes control of you

Or drift into a sunrise
Of what God has prepared
Receiving of the light
Drawing deep fresh air

A choice of man’s creation
Or greater gifts to share
One leading to stress
The other unto prayer

Emptiness of Winter

The sky is gray
The trees are bare
The air is cold
No colors share

The air is still
Emptiness here
In silence found
A seed of prayer

To warm the soul
To seek the light
Of fruit received
In Spirit bright

Of soil blessed
Of hope to keep
In binding of
These roots grown deep

Fill Me

A step into dawning
Transition of night
Fill me with emptiness
To make way for the light

When silence is king
And stress is forsaken
Fill me with stillness
A time to awaken

One of awareness
A movement occurring
Fill me with peace
With Spirit of stirring

Empty and still
With peace here inside
Fill me of prayer
With You to reside

A Room of Emptiness

A room of emptiness
Full of silence, be
A feast prepared for soul
As prayer is drawing me

A moment of dwelling
To Spirit appeal
Through unseen of knowing
Let heaven reveal

A needing of binding
Let the heart be willing
Surrender to you
Deep is the filling

Love of abundance
Soul of preparing
Let humbleness guide
Way of the sharing

Finding Emptiness

Gorging on food
Another glass refill
No matter how fine
Still cannot fill

Travel the world
So much to see
Still cannot find
Where I want to be

Climbing the ladder
New job aspire
Eventually find
Cannot go higher

Finding emptiness
A new way turn unto
Filling of the void
You’re the answer true

Give us daily bread
Home found in your Son
Let your kingdom
And may your will be done