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Not the Enemy

When somebody hurts you
Response is up to me
Pause with words repeating
They’re not the enemy

When the heart is bitter
The pathway is to sin
When I respond with hate
The enemy does win

Remember they are broken
Their soul is needy
Love’s what they desire
And safe, security

Turn unto the Father
With all my soul to seek
Responding with His love
To turn the other cheek

I know not their wounds
Of their life’s’ journey
Let judgement past me by
For they are just like me

To Be Within Their Way

When in prayer today
My friend, you came to mind
Shared you with our God
Blessings may you find

May goodness follow you
In path of light this day
Love be ever present
To be within your way

My friend please be aware
Wherever you may go
Our Lord is by your side
Security to know

Oh Lord, let me turn
Unto my enemy
A prayer be offered now
May same be true for he