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In this lonely world
Life can be so tough
Sharing of Your love
Am I good enough?

Life can be exhausting
Each day the road is rough
In helping all the broken
Do I do enough?

Trying to be holy
Sometimes I have to bluff
In living out my faith
Do I believe enough?

I say I don’t ask these
But that is just fluff
But when I do
Say, enough is enough

Asking the wrong questions
Dealing with this stuff
For all I need to know
That Jesus is enough

Let That Be Enough

I want an easy day
Instead ahead one rough
You send Your precious grace
Let that be enough

I need to fill the void
And fill it all with fluff
You bless unending love
Let that be enough

I want to control
Emotions fighting tough
You whisper, let it go
Let that be enough

I want eternity
In the way, so much stuff
You offer me Your Word
Let that be enough