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Connection of Eternal

Today, I saw a sunrise
Together we were here
And like all things in life
Soon will disappear

What is of these moments
Of wisdom to reveal
Collection of the blessings
Time spent that was real

Experience of Presence
A practice of to be
One of grace surrounding
Of love consuming me

Connection of eternal
One of heavens way
Moments with our God
Will never go away

Eternal Prayer

In solitude’s moment
Of great beauty here
Awe of creator
A drawing to prayer

Grace is received
Beyond all compare
Heart is surrendered
In gratitude’s prayer

This lonely heart suffers
Wound too much to bear
Wrapped in loves comfort
Of a healing prayer

A celebration
Of one love to share
Souls praise in binding
In worshiping prayer

Unending seeking
Let us be aware
Forever Your loving
An eternal prayer

New Vision for This Day

Many thoughts of thinking
Of the days rat race
Seeking of Your dwelling
We find our restful place

Settle in with prayer
Surrounding is of peace
Eternal is the view
Daily thoughts release

Foundation is of love
Providence secure
Falling into trust
Spirit reassures

Reset of divine
In clarity of way
Dependence not on me
New vision for this day