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Every Morning

And every morning
You’re there to greet me
With a beautiful vision
Of stirring beauty

With sky and pasture
The clouds and the light
All of creation
Sings with delight

The whole earth of moving
Each dawning unique
One facet of love
Of way that You seek

Needing of nothing
All blessed for free
With offer of prayer
Us simply to be

Lord, let me respond
This treasure to claim
In sharing Your love
May I go do the same

With Every

With every breath
A thought to sink in
The Spirit surrounds
Draw it within

With every heartbeat
A reminder of love
For each moment of life
Is a gift from above

With every sunrise
Our cross we can cope
For the light of Gods peace
Is the source of our hope

With every encounter
Of each soul this day
A practice of blessing
For each of them, pray

The greatest commandment
In this practice we find
We love our Lord God
With our heart, soul and mind

Every Hair

Every hair on your head
Every hope you bestow
Every fear and concern
My child, I know

Find you no judgement
Find you no fear
Find me within
Your soul dwelling here

Know only love
Know only care
Know of my healing
I am always near

Be of my comfort
Be of my grace
Be of my love
In our dwelling place