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Prayer Journey — Expectant

Prayer of Expectation

Can I pray to you dear Lord?
With expectation, great
Of what seems impossible
And I just need to wait

I look upon so many
Of situations, fear
I don’t see any way
For things to change here

Of the impossible
Our God that you be
You accomplish things
In ways we couldn’t see

Gift of bringing hope
In hopeless situations
Forgive my disbelief
And trust in Your foundation

With faith in the unseen
In time what You will do
Thank you for Your love and grace
This morning I’ll praise You!




140 Character Christian

Can I pray with expectation dear Lord that you can do what seems impossible? I look upon so many situations and do not see any way possible for things to change. Yet you are a God of the impossible. You accomplish things in unforeseen ways, bringing hope into seemingly hopeless situations. Forgive my disbelief. Help me to trust your ways. Help me to have faith in the unseen, in what you will accomplish in your time. Thank you for your love and grace. This morning I praise you dear God.

© 2021, CGThelen

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” – Luke 1:37 (NASB)

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