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A Walk in the Fall

Don’t you just love
A clear blue sky
Such leaves of beauty
In air passing by

Don’t you just love
A cool autumn breeze
Caressing the skin
Sets the soul at ease

Don’t you just love
A walk in the fall
To breathe the fresh air
With no cares at all

Don’t you just love
The simple gift
The grace of our God
With our soul to lift

Portrait of Reflection

A portrait frozen
In the cool autumn air
A reflection of beauty
Of now to appear

Clarity’s focus
Of breath nice and slow
A stillness of moment
We’re gifted to know

Light of abundance
Peace of the view
An embrace of being
We’re welcomed into

A moment to cherish
In warmth from above
Through soul of the gazing
With our God of love

Early Fall Be

In afternoons shade
In early fall be
A breath of breeze blows
A resting in thee

Song birds are fading
A change in the tree
Waves softly lapping
In sweet harmony

Blue sky, the canvas
Clouds, dancing free
Soul turns towards drifting
A prayer, you and me

One with creator
In absorbency
Am entrance is found
And peace is the key