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Falling Snow

A resting within
The soft morning glow
A vision of calling
In the falling snow

A welcoming in
Of the Spirit to flow
A sacred being
Through the falling snow

A dwelling within
This witness to know
Receiving the blessings
From the falling snow

A surrender into
This letting go
A holy drifting
Into the falling snow

A covering of grace
Of this way to show
Becoming a prayer
Of the falling snow

A Prayer of Falling Snow

Oh God you call to us
In many ways to show
This day you speak to us
Within the falling snow

A vision of such beauty
Stops us in our way
A simple falling into
Our being here to pray

With a psalm of silence
In gentleness of touch
Within each flake unique
That You love us so much

Sacrament of nature
For our souls to embrace
Countless are the blessings
Covered by Your grace