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Blessed on Fathers’ Day

Sitting in the sunset
Of this Fathers’ day
Reflecting on the blessings
That have come my way

From those gone before me
Some are here no more
Their sacrifice for me
Love that they out pour

Souls that now surround me
I hope they truly know
That they are my joy
And how I love them so

Oh, what did I do?
To receive this blessed fate
To know that God is good
From these blessings great

A reflection of the light
That my Lord does share
From the source of One
Love beyond compare

So grateful is my heart
May my soul confess
That I live a life
In which I’m truly blessed

Father’s Day

There are people who say
And people who do
Thought that I’d share
What I’ve seen in You

A lifetime of giving
Committed so true
When challenges rose
You always came through

Through late nights of working
For bills that were due
House of the painting
Last minute rescues

In quiet of moment
I’d see in the view
A bible of reading
Your source of value

Forever indebted
For your graces undue
Your life as a witness
That I return to