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God and Fear

If I lose my job
I’m afraid I will see
I lose all my stuff
And security

I better impress them
Not share humbly
I fear what they’ll say
And think about me

If I get sick
I’ll suffer and cry
Can’t do what I like
Perhaps even die

When we feel nervous
To this truth give a nod
When you think of your fear
You will find your God

Let us reset
With Jesus to hear
I am your God
There’s nothing to fear

Love Conquers All Fear

Turn to page of scripture
Through Spirit be aware
Strength within the Word
Love conquers all fear

For God’s all powerful
He’s is our ruler here
We know that God is love
Love conquers all fear

With angels in heaven
One voice rising clear
The Word of God is spoken
Love conquers all fear

Engrain it in my soul
This truth to declare
Through the grace of God
Love conquers all fear

Voice of Fear

There is a part of me
Speaking loud and clear
Craving of attention
It’s the voice of fear

Serving of a purpose
Of safety, that a fact
But when it consumes
Things get out of whack

The worst will come to be
Security of needing
I must take control
That this world is feeding

A prayer now to reset
Do what I can do
Repeating in the soul
My God, I trust in You

Faith of the believing
Letting it all go
Peace of the receiving
The love of God to know

All Will Be OK

An early memory
When fear has gone astray
A Mothers gentle arms
Speaks all will be OK

Her knowledge born through faith
She taught us to pray
Through providence of God
That all will be OK

In sickness and in strife
Her last words to convey
We trust her soul beyond
That all will be OK

In valleys dark of night
A voice as clear as day
My child, trust I know
That all will be OK

Not to Fear

Come now, not to worry
Here now, not to fear
Rest now, my beloved
Know that, I am here

Try now, give it to me
Right now, one to share
Time now, my beloved
See an, answered prayer

Learn now, of repeating
Soul now, to repair
Bind now, my beloved
For you, I deeply care

Trust now, freedom living
Hope now, no despair
Joy now, my beloved
Know I, love you dear

One Away

One moment away
From last breath of breathing
One step of unknown
Our judgment receiving

One event away
From losing our wealth
One heartbeat away
From losing our health

One decision away
From freedom to lose
One thought away
Our mind to confuse

World calls to us
To dwell in our fear
One prayer away
From Your security here

Fear is Raining

Overwhelmed this morning
As fear comes raining down
Holding up umbrella
But worries all surround

Losing of the battle
Don’t know what to do
Thinking worst will happen
A turn now into You

Fold up the umbrella
Give the fear a name
Welcomed unto You
My Savior to proclaim

Flow into the ocean
Stream now of my fears
Consumed in only love
Way ahead is clear