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We love the feeling
And get so excited
To a great celebration
When we are invited

We love the feeling
A warm inner space
When we fall into
A welcomed embrace

We love the feeling
Our joy we outpour
When we are accepted
Completely adored

We love the feeling
Of community
With purpose belonging
Of one body, be

We love the feeling
When our debts are erased
To share in the joy
This gifting of grace

We love the feeling
When know what’s in store
For we have a Savior
And death is no more

Feeling So Little

I kneel in Your Presence
At the foot of the cross
Feeling so little
Words at a loss

Glimpse of immenseness
Of Your power, so great
So insignificant
My being deflate

Covered in light
Of precious love binding
A drawing within
Joy of the finding

Grateful accepting
Found identity
One of our being
Through humility

Feeling So Real

How can the unseen
Feel here so real?
Awareness in soul
Your Presence reveals

In cloud of unknowing
Way accessible
Divine mystery
Is so tangible

A step of submitting
Submerging into
Embrace of accepting
Surrounded in You

Gift of absorption
Of grace, love and peace
One day eternal
This taste never cease