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A Field of Blessings

A field of blessings
Fruit of earth’s bounty
Seasons offerings
Of stilling beauty

A psalm of many songs
Bless this holy air
When the sound is silence
A sacred moment here

A light of many lenses
Paints a masterpiece
A portrait stroked of love
A sunrise gift of peace

A pasture of preparing
For souls who are aware
Of Spirits offering
Ingredients of prayer

Blessing Field

Let silence speak
This morning prayer
And our soul be
Of witness here

This new day births
As light reveals
The blessing of
This morning’s field

So, tender be
It’s touch of love
A gift of grace
From heav’n above

Caress of warmth
To soil deep
Of nourishment
Of growth to seep

A whisper soft
Thought to construe
That in the love
That we’re blessed too

Prayer of the Field

Under a blue sky
Of clouds rolling by
A prayer of the field
In green grass we lie

Under the warm light
In autumns fresh air
Easy the finding
Of Spirit appear

Peace is prevailing
Soul of the freeing
Man and divine
So Easy of being

A moment of molding
In your grace to spread
Seeds of the planting
In the days ahead