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A Filling Be

This space is filled
With precious light
Let joy arise
In souls’ delight

As grace reigns down
A moving still
Spirit surrounds

Absorbed within
The body One
In presence
Our Gods own Son

Surrender now
His love to know
A filling be
To overflow


A Filling

Your gift is offered
Of blood and body
Grant me the grace
To accept them fully

Fill me with Presence
Fill with mercy
Fill with forgiveness
Fill with beauty

Fill me with stillness
Fill with Your will
Fill me with strength
Fill hope to instill

Fill me with peace
Fill with desire
Fill me with faith
Fill with Spirits fire

Fill me with love
Fill with Word true
Fill with transformation
Fill me with You

Ears of the Filling

Peace is full this morning
Day beginning, stilling
Creation offers praise
Two ears of the filling

A swirling serenade
A funneling into
Carrying all focus
Of the way of You

Eyes no need of seeing
Savoring sweet sound
A feast for the soul
Something known is found

Echoes of the deep
With prayer of the fond
Soaking of the Spirit
A drifting just beyond