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Gifts of Christmas First

If we feel frustrated
On this Christmas day
For gifts the first one
Here let us pray

The miracle of
In our manger of soul
Of Christ born in me

As He showed the way
Here let us be
As an innocent child
Of humility

Our Savior is born
This truth let us see
The light of this love
Let us shine joyfully

The First Love

Jesus is the first love
Your soul He pursues
Here’s what our Savior
Is saying to you

I loved you before
You could love anyone
Or even receive
Love from anyone

You’re fully accepted
I love you as you are
Let go of what’s been said
Come let me heal your scar

You’re born out of my love
My love breathed into you
You’re the incarnation
Of My love spoken true

In Me there’s no hatred
No resentment to be
I love you forever
You can always trust Me

(based on words from Henri Nouwen)


Opening of door
Into the outside
First breath of morning
Draw Spirit deep inside

First ray of sunshine
To shine upon the face
Touch of warming love
Speaks everything is grace

First view of this day
Pause the soul to see
All the gifts of beauty
That God is blessing me

Journey is prepared
First step upon the way
Let it be with You
First thought, now let us pray