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Letting Your Flow

Basking in light
Of colors sunrise
Letting your beauty
Flow through my eyes

Dwelling in silence
A sweet song appears
Letting your peace
Flow through my ears

Soaking in scriptures
Such wisdom to find
Letting your Word
Flow through my mind

Feeling your love
In my being whole
Letting your Presence
Flow through my soul

Flow Through

A calling of the higher
Of offering into
One of greater glory
God is inviting you

Find Him here awaiting
Open now the door
Let yourself be found
Your soul to be adored

Spirit of the living
With your every breath
He has blessed a Savior
Whose conquered fear of death

A simple act of will
So easy here to do
An open, honest prayer
Of letting Him flow through

Let Heaven Flow

I’ve been apprehensive
Tentative, you know
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Fearfulness defines me
Time to let that go
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Lukewarm is my faith
Oh Spirit, let it grow
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Stingy is my love
Through heart overflow
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Little is my praise
Stoke the fires glow
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Flow Into My Room

Gentle new born light
Flow into my room
Gift of warming love
For soul to consume

Awakening this soul
With knowing of above
That our God is seeking
All with precious love

Offered gift prepared
Acceptance of desire
To infuse the soul
With the Spirits fire

Joy of bonding be
A filling of within
Together let us be
A journey to begin


Song flows through the air
Clouds flow through the sky
Sunlight flows to flower
Flowing from up high

Blood flows through the heart
Knowledge flows through Word
Prayer flows through the Spirit
Spirit’s flow be heard

Choices flow direction
Ego flows to sin
Mercy flows from Savior
Gratefulness flows in

Grace flows from the Father
Will flows through the Son
Love flows in their Spirit
Flowing into One

Moments flow to minutes
Minutes flow to days
Time flows to eternal
Treasure what flow conveys