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A Flower Laid

Before you Lord
This flower lay
A souls symbol
For which we pray

We offer them
To Your embrace
To comfort blessed
With healing grace

A prayer for each
Soul in need
Into Your hands
Our hope, concede

Such peace within
The joy to know
Just how much
You love them so

Of offer, last
Of will, supine
Oh Lord please bless
This soul of mine

Just A Little Flower

Just a little flower
Arises from the earth
A gifting of new life
Of this seasons’ birth

Just a little color
Of simple, humble grace
Not to change the world
But just within this space

Just a little beauty
Of offer here this day
To brighten up this world
Who pause within the way

Just a little whisper
For us all to see
That all God asks of us
Is what we’re called to be

Just a little message
To shine our colors bright
With simple acts of love
The beauty of His light


Blessed be the holy light
A gifting of divine
A grace filled tender touch
Rejoicing petals shine

Gratefulness arising
A sacred movement be
Of turning unto Thee

Roots of dwelling deep
The need of deepest yearning
Giving fullly to the light
A move of sacred turning

How glorious the gifting
To bask within the glow
One within the being
Of Your love to grow

May I be so humble
To let the flower be
My Spiritual director
Here now guiding me

A Sign Blessed

We all need connection
Of light to shine through
An intimate blessing
A sign blessed through You

One of our choosing
Agreement in kind
Which makes our Lord smile
Through our life, we’ll find

A sparkle on water
A cardinal to see
Honk of a goose
Or flowers beauty

And when we glimpse it
Know that it’s meant
To warm our soul
By His love it’s sent

I See You

I see you in this flower
And feel your presence clear
A memory is triggered
A moment binding here

One of gift of sharing
In thoughtfulness of heart
Of the many ways
Of love you did impart

One of appreciation
Of beauty, pause to see
In gratitude of blessings
God has gifted thee

One of fragrance sweet
Of humbleness of way
Let me share your spirit
All throughout this day