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Flowers Have No Muscles

Flowers have no muscles
Yet, move unto the light
They smile at the sun
Kiss the sky goodnight

Thought to think and ponder
How this can be fulfilled
Only through their emptiness
Is how they can be filled

The water of life
Coursing through their veins
Providing them their strength
Creators giftings reigns

When I’m parched and drooping
But drink I do refuse
Fill me with aqua vitae
Of Spirits life infuse

Make my body rise
Let Your will be done
Fill me with inner strength
To gaze upon the sun


Picture of Flowers

In the depth of winter
In barrenness of view
I caught a glimpse of picture
Of color that shown through

Masterpiece of beauty
A wonderful display
A garden of flowers
That seems so, far away

Contrast to the outlook
Of this morn’, cold and gray
Let it warm the soul
And take it now to pray

With vision of capture
Of season to know
The coming of hope
For our Lord to show

Some Flowers

Rushing to see you
A stop on the way
I’ll buy you some flowers
To brighten your day

You’ve always loved them
Known their beauty
I’ll gift you some flowers
Your joy that I’ll see

Last moments of sharing
With tears that we’ll cry
You’ll speak of the flowers
The last that I’ll buy

Then I will leave you
At heaven’s door
I’ll send you with flowers
To the One you adore

For rest of my journey
You’ll speak to me
I’ll see you in flowers
Of greater beauty

Grave Without Flowers

A grave without flowers
Some day we will be
Our fear realized
We’re a lost memory

A body decaying
Consumed by the earth
Without that of Spirit
What is our worth?

A message this day
To rejoice in our gift
A moment of life
To cherish and lift

Hope in Your promise
Our soul You rescue
Eternal our being
By love binding in You