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Found Right Here

I must do something
I must go somewhere
With a restless heart
Searching everywhere

Lost within the doing
Needing to prepare
Thoughts consumed with worry
Future holding fear

An old man sat beside me
Great wisdom he did share
Everything you need
Can be found right here

That God is of the present
Your soul to be aware
Know His perfect love
In a simple prayer

So be of the moment
With God of Presence here
With love to do something
And free to go somewhere

You’ve Been Found

Rejoice in the ways
You know you’ve been found
When you feel the Sprit
Of peace that surrounds

A soul of light shining
With joy now to share
To live the good Word
Of heaven right here

When you’re exhausted
Can’t give any more
A blessing of strength
Your last drop you outpour

When you’ve been hurt
Revenge to embrace
A movement of stirring
To respond with grace

A compassionate heart
Of sweet charity
Sharing His Presence
With humility

Know you’re His beloved
Hope one day to hear
Well done my servant
I’ve a place for you here

An Unspoken Desire

We’re souls of the searching
Of body and mind
An unspoken desire
That we seek to find

We read and we study
Consume and we buy
We ask other people
But we come up dry

With soul to go deeper
Much closer, we be
We pray and we serve
A guiding light, see

A prayer here to offer
In His love, surround
We find our answer
That we long to be found

Come to Be

Found in every dawning
One to let us see
Past the dark of night
The light will come to be

When the outlooks gloomy
No answer can we see
A glimpse beyond the clouds
The light will come to be

With offering of prayer
Our hope in You to see
The dwelling of Your Presence
The light will come to be

A calling to us all
So hopeless now can see
Let us proclaim with joy
The light will come to be

When our day has come
The truth our soul we’ll see
The One beyond this world
The Light will come to be

Found My Lover

In the dawning stillness
As the light appears
And I found my lover
In the beauty shared

Within adoration
Of a silent prayer
And I found my lover
One of Presence here

Though I didn’t see
Until our eyes did meet
And I found my lover
Begging in the street

In a love so pure
Perhaps I’ll grow to see
When I find my lover
In my enemy

Silence is Found

How good it feels
When all that surrounds
In the quiet of nothing
And silence is found

Desire of soul
Of resting to be
Drifting of deep
Of just You and me

Truth the Word spoken
Connection restored
Of time to be loved
Faith reassured

Soaking of light
In peace let me go
To exercise soul
Of this silence to flow

Found in the Morning

First movement of day
Outside let heart lead
For found in the morning
Is what the soul needs

Light of abundance
A view to pursue
A blessing of grace
Is shared here by You

On blank page of silence
Is sung now a song
Sweet psalm of calling
To which we belong

Peace is the message
Drawn deep in fresh air
Easy the binding
Exchange of pure prayer