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Fragrance of Presence

On opening the door
Something here is known
A fragrance beyond senses
To the soul is known

Deep the welcoming
Of soft, gentle embrace
The fragrance of Your Presence
Fills this empty space

One of falling into
A simple being prayer
Offering my Presence
Is the response to share

Binding into One
Absorbing in above
Gratefulness for grace
To be consumed in love

Fragrance of Foreshadow

Turning unto You
With a heart sincere
Offered my intentions
Placed within Your care

Leaving of Your Presence
I became aware
Fragrance of a flower
Surrounding in the air

Spirit overwhelming
Captured beauty here
Garden of the senses
Grace of heaven shared

Returning to this morning
With joy beyond compare
Fragrance did foreshadow
All my answered prayers

Like a Fragrance

God is like a fragrance
He is always there
Is our soul attuned?
Of Him, are we aware

He is always seeking
Of being permeate
Of His love abundant
Does not discriminate

Gift is offered to us
Left for us to chose
One of heavens treasure
Beauty to infuse

Let us change our focus
Of sense cultivate
Accepting gratefully
His gifts to contemplate