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Invitation to a Friend

The road to Emmaus
To Jesus, they were drawn
But with no invitation
He just would have passed on

And what of the people
That we were drawn to
And they just moved on
Because we didn’t pursue

So, let’s make the effort
To welcome them in
To open our home
Our friendship, begin

Let the first be our Lord
As He’s waiting here
Let us invite Him in
Each day with a prayer

Friend Divine

An email exchange
Makes me see clearly
A longing of soul
That I miss you dearly

Though miles in between
And time passes us by
Always bound in the heart
The divine way applies

On my life’s journey
Life closer to the end
One of my treasures is
To count you as my friend

A great joy believing
Seen through heavens view
By grace I hope to spend
Eternity with you

My Friend of Light

In a chapels morn’
Deep within a prayer
Inpouring of Spirit
My friend of light is here

On an ocean of waves
Joy shining clear
In thousands of diamonds
My friend of light is here

On a cloudy day
In hope to appear
The sun bursting through
My friend of light is here

In my times of need
A blessed soul to share
Bearing of my cross
My friend of light is here

A True Friend

What a blessing
A true friend
Who knows your past
And where you’ve been

One who’s with you
Near and far
Accepting you
Just as you are

Who speaks the truth
With clarity
To shape a better
Future be

Jesus is our
Truest friend
And blessed souls
To us He sends

Not a Perfect Friend

Not looking for
A perfect friend
I rather one
That’s genuine

Of life to share
So humbly
A broken soul
That’s just like me

To listen first
With open ear
No judgement found
A safe place here

In taking turns
Receive and give
Our cross to share
This life to live

And when we don’t
Know the way
We turn to God
Together, pray

A Friend of the Mist

Of advancing years
Morning prayers to subsist
I’ve come to be
A friend of the mist

Of water and field
Of dwelling to drift
From earth unto heaven
Of being to lift

A lesson of soul
Of a time to be
Of one to let go
When the Lord calls me

A lesson of practice
Of faith here to see
One of a moment
Or eternity

Friend of the Choosing

Important our choices
A thought to extend
One of great value
Is choosing our friends

In shaping our view
Of character mold
One of dependence
Of values behold

Advice of receiving
Of sharing the way
A friend of the choosing
My Jesus today

I hope that some day
As friends often do
That I’ll grow to be
To look just like You

Friend in Silence

Bless me a friend
So trusting to see
That we can rest in
Just silence to be

No word of filling
In an unspoken prayer
Through language of soul
Of solitude share

Perhaps in a sunset
Mountains majesty
Under starlight
Or waves of the sea

Spirits connection
Through chord of the three
A beautiful moment
Of intimacy

Silence be our Friend

In this noisy world
A gift to us You send
May we be of seeking
Let silence be our friend

In time of practice be
We will come to know
Moments of familiar
Of Your Presence, show

Quieting the mind
Surrender be our choice
As truth is spoken clear
Turn to the inner voice

Carried in the soul
A buffering of peace
Easy of the dwelling
Of silence to release

Friend of Heaven

And now you meet
Your friend of prayer
In joys embrace
Through all the years

The mystery
Becomes so clear
The promise true
In faith we share

And all along
You prayed sincere
Rejoiced as one
And shed some tears

In valley deep
You did appear
Through Spirits way
Their voice you’d hear

Through one love
Our soul endear
In joy we’ll be
Eternal here