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Friend of Heaven

And now you meet
Your friend of prayer
In joys embrace
Through all the years

The mystery
Becomes so clear
The promise true
In faith we share

And all along
You prayed sincere
Rejoiced as one
And shed some tears

In valley deep
You did appear
Through Spirits way
Their voice you’d hear

Through one love
Our soul endear
In joy we’ll be
Eternal here


Encounter of a Friend

Entering Your house
To pray for Spirit, send
Before I even asked
I came across a friend

Standing in Your Presence
We shared a word or two
Mixed in conversation
Was the Word of You

Coming to a crossroad
Of his life, he shared
Speaking of Your plan
How he’s arrived prepared

Guided by Your Spirit
In opening of door
As child of Your kingdom
Blessings You’ve outpoured

Sent with flame inspired
In this heart of mine
Two souls in your presence
Binding of divine