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Indebted To You

A challenge before me
Ahead the unknown
Fear is surrounding
Worst case is shown

Decision before me
On whom to depend
Reliance on me
Or need to extend

Turning above
To the source of grace
Appealing to friends
A prayer to embrace

For we are one body
In joy and in strife
Sharing together
Our journey of life

Today we rejoice
For our prayer answered true
In His joy of blessings
I’m indebted to you

Connection Pursue

They gather at table
With coffee to drink
In sharing of life
To speak what they think

An observation
Another of view
In ponder or laughter
A connection pursue

Same with our God
With desire so deep
Prayer of the binding
Wisdom to reap

May we respond
To His treasure of grace
Constantly seeking
To fall in His embrace