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You Find Me in the Garden

A place you planted hope
A refuge of retreat
Hands deep in the soil
Creator you did meet

On your knees connecting
A simple act of grace
Your Spirit of desire
Brings beauty to this place

Though years have now passed by
Etched In memory
Connection bound in love
The place that you find me

In touch of morning light
Whispering flows through
For it’s in the garden
That I connect with you

Garden to Tend

Oh, beautiful morning
Of gift that you send
A blessing this day
Of garden to tend

To breath in the fresh
To soak in the light
To nourish the soil
Under gardeners’ sight

Weeds of the pulling
Soil of tilling
Thirst of the quenching
In silence of stilling

So be our prayer
Of our souls’ garden, be
With faith of the trusting
Of growth blessed by thee