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A Humble Reflection

I gaze into You
And view my reflection
All that I see
Are my imperfections

Let’s clean the window
With scripture of true
For through Your Word
Is found my value

Formed in Your image
Is what You have willed
By gift of faith
Your Spirit instilled

Yes, I am broken
Stained by my sin
Born of new being
You live within

May this be my vision
Of me seen through You
A humble reflection
Of one beautiful

Different Gaze

Walked upon the street today
With a different gaze
Prayed for eye of soul
What I saw, amazed

Searched for inner light
Beyond the world’s disguise
Halos of the soul
Seen beyond the eyes

Dwelling at the edges
Behind the wrinkled gray
Taggard worn out clothes
Worthless of world’s way

Found in light of eye
A soft kindness glows
One not of this world
Their purpose our God knows

Gaze of Transformation

How can my eyes face You?
Unworthy sinner be
Graced within Your Presence
A different view to see

All that falls behind me
Gone away is sin
Found with this moment
A gaze that draws me in

Vision into being
Past this world we know
Deeper into dwelling
Insight to us show

Taste of the eternal
Glimpse of One above
Desire of the soul
The only word is love