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A Riddle of a Gift

Here is a riddle
Of posing to you
What is this gift
And what will you do?

It is a blessing
That’s given for free
Our greatest desire
That you cannot see

You can just keep it
If you so, choose
But you will find
This gift you will lose

But if you decide
To give it away
You’ll be given more
With joy in this way

And here is the greatest
Wisdom to know
Love is to share
And just let it flow

A Gift of New Life

A tree of transforming
Through hue of the green
A gift of new life
Infuses the scene

Each petal surrenders
Unto the new light
The color of love
Is blessed with delight

In each season of life
Seen through the souls view
An offer extended
To grow anew

Come now to follow
With joy here to pray
Lord of new life
Transform me this day

Gift of Peace

In trials of life
Seems worries never cease
Our great desires’
For the gift of peace

We seek it in moments
Through view of beauty
A pause of reflection
Of tranquility

We go on vacations
Or just watch TV
Of reading a book
A walk to be free

These just are a taste
And all fade away
For our souls’ great need
Is for peace that will stay

Come listen to Jesus
With Word He does say
I give you my peace
Of the eternal way

Gift of Exhaling

Into your Presence
Blessed time to pray
And onto my knees
Breath taken away

A gift of exhaling
Of burdens outpour
Muscles relaxing
Into arms that adore

A breath of surrender
Acknowledgement true
Completely dependent
Of the grace of You

In comfort so deep
A breath of divine
Mortal and Spirit
Here intertwine

May this life of breathing
Be through lungs of the soul
Let the breath of the Spirit
Here now take control

A Gift

Five thousand were hungry
Where can we buy bread?
Two hundred silver pieces
Can’t keep these people fed

Then a little boy
To Jesus he did bring
Five loaves and two fish
A humble offering

Jesus took the gift
He blessed and He did pray
Then He broke the bread
And gave it away

We all know the story
Can we practice this way?
As we come to Jesus
What can we give this day?

Gift of the Sunrise

Igniting the sun
He set it ablaze
Through millions of miles
He sent golden rays

The entire earth
From dark of the night
He set it spinning
He turned it just right

He mixed up some colors
And painted the sky
A masterpiece moving
A feast for the eyes

A gift of sunrise
In hopes we will see
How He moves the heavens
To know He seeks me

A Gift Beyond

Little Church of Presence
Contains our great treasure
Blessing all for free
A gift beyond all measure

Little Church of peace
Jesus dwelling here
Blessing of divine
A gift beyond compare

Little Church of hope
Of vision here to be
Blessing heavens light
A gift for all to see

Little Church of prayer
Beloved are aware
Blessing all who enter
The gift of love to share

Gift of the Seventh Day

On the seventh day
Which was His day of rest
The angels gave to God
One simple request

We have an idea
Of one more thing to do
Of course, our dear Creator
The choice is up to you

With all that you’ve prepared
Creation all is done
Blessing of the Spirit
How about a gift of fun?

For souls that will doubt You
Something that can’t deny
A random miracle
You paint upon the sky

And so, our God did gather
All colors that we know
With an arch of unity
He stroked a great rainbow

Season of Need

What do you want for Christmas?
A truth to concede
What is the precious gift
That we truly need?

In this advent season
A thought to begin
Do we need someone
To save us from our sin?

In our deepest sorrows
So difficult to cope
Do we need a Savior
To be our source of hope?

And of our fear of death
Our challenges and strife
Do we need the peace
Of eternal life?

Let our hearts be longing
Desire when we pray
Anticipating joy
Of Christ on Christmas day

One Breath of Gift

Just for one moment
Not of an act, great
A practice of focus
To contemplate

One breath of breathing
Received as a gift
An offer returned
Of gratefulness lift

A realization
Of what our God gives
Fully dependent on
Our existence to live

Born out of love
Within His embrace
For everything’s blessed
And everything’s grace