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Season of Need

What do you want for Christmas?
A truth to concede
What is the precious gift
That we truly need?

In this advent season
A thought to begin
Do we need someone
To save us from our sin?

In our deepest sorrows
So difficult to cope
Do we need a Savior
To be our source of hope?

And of our fear of death
Our challenges and strife
Do we need the peace
Of eternal life?

Let our hearts be longing
Desire when we pray
Anticipating joy
Of Christ on Christmas day

One Breath of Gift

Just for one moment
Not of an act, great
A practice of focus
To contemplate

One breath of breathing
Received as a gift
An offer returned
Of gratefulness lift

A realization
Of what our God gives
Fully dependent on
Our existence to live

Born out of love
Within His embrace
For everything’s blessed
And everything’s grace

Gift Beyond Claiming

You are My beloved
How I love you dear
Gift beyond all measure
Claim it now right here

Peace my Son offers
Seen with the souls’ eyes
One beyond this world
Claim your eternal prize

Joy found in each moment
A simple little choice
To be within My presence
Claim it and rejoice

Peace and love and joy
Each moment every day
Not just to receive
But blessed to give away

Gift of God With Us

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
Gift of God with us
Word of the repeating
When in need of trust

When things don’t go my way
And I complain and fuss
Turn unto the cross
And know that God’s with us

When sin overwhelms
I stumble and I fell
In need of mercy great
Turn to Emmanuel

When grace this soul receives
May this joyful heart tell
The goodness of our God
Our great Emmanuel

What Can I Gift You

Blessed in Your Presence
Binding to pursue
Question of Your asking
What can I gift to you?

Clarity of vision
View of Spirit be
Your way may I follow
Letting go of me

Humbleness of Spirit
To all that I may see
And when I fall down
Blessed by Your mercy

Carrier of truth
Your Word to decree
You love of the sharing
Flowing right from thee

Gift Conceive

Twas new born light
Your blessing sent
That turned my way
My heart consent

Twas morning air
Your gift conceive
To draw me here
My soul to breathe

Twas still of night
Your silence spoke
Of focused glimpse
My hope invoke

Twas valley deep
Your hand of care
A life of faith
My story shared

A Gift from Above

He shared his story
Of state of oppression
Finding himself
In lonely depression

A friend by his side
With gift to bestow
A portrait of vision
Of Mary to know

Through prayer of devotion
Found His Word of love
A blessing instilled
A gift from above

His rock of foundation
Of truth that is known
Though still can be lonely
He’s never alone

Now he paints a vision
Through gift of divine
One to be blessed
All in God’s time

A Gift of Garbage

There is nothing they want
There is nothing they need
That they don’t own
To some gift, we concede

A confection of plastic
Some junk to amuse
Electronic gadget
Are gifts that we choose

On Christmas day
A fake, thanks for that man
By the end of the 12th
They’re in the trash can

The gifts of this planet
Abused by man’s hands
Forced in the slave shops
Are fruits of gifts plans

So, make a donation
Or pen them a prayer
The gift of you
Is a great one to share

Don’t trash the planet
To tell someone you care
For all that it shows
Is that we’re not aware

Based upon an article by George Monbio

Gift of Belovedness

A treasure awaits
Unclaimed gift of love
Of our belovedness
From our God above

We are loved completely
Not based on what we do
Let us embrace it fully
In our soul ring true

Fruit sprouts from its truth
Of resounding joy
Light of You emitting
Love to share, employ

Engrain in the soul
Echo through and through
In everyone you meet
They’re His beloved too!

Special Gift

A special gift
Is blessed this day
To carry with
Along the way

One of unknown
Past human eyes
Of spirits breath
To exercise

Be of peace
Or faith confess
Hope of light
A gift to bless

True joy found
When light shine through
My prayer today
You share yours too