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A wave of peace
Flowed over me
A blessed gift
Of mystery

A burst of light
Shown from above
A warming touch
Of precious love

A random song
Touched the heart
Stirring deep
Of You, impart

From whence it came
I’d love to know
Someday I’ll see
Your prayer did flow

Gifts in the Path of Now

Venturing into
A glimpse of dawning light
Witness here this day
To morning birds first flight

Hello, my little brother
Free of gravity
One above the world
A wish to be with thee

What be of your drawing
Direction cast this day
I send you with a prayer
To bless you on your way

Attention of the turning
Simple of connection
That touch my path of now
Gifts of sweet affection

Gifts Are Prepared

In Presence of silence
The gifts are prepared
A great celebration
Of Word to be shared

Patiently waiting
In time of to be
Now the beginning
Of wonders to be

Simple the gifts
Of bread and wine
Mixture of human
And Spirit divine

Gracious the blessing
Of Your great mercy
The Word consuming
As You transform me