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Fasting This Lent

Fast from hurting words
Let our words be kind
Fasting from our sadness
Let gratitude us, find

Fasting from our anger
Filled with patience, cope
Fast from pessimism
And be filled with hope

Fasting from our worries
Trust in God fully
Fast from our complaints
Contemplate simplicity

Fasting from our pressures
And be filled with prayer
Fast from bitterness
Our heart be joyful here

Fast from selfishness
Compassionate to see
Fasting from our grudges
Reconciled, be

Fasting from our words
Listening now hear
Let us find the silence
The Word of God to share

(based upon words from Pope Francis)

God Of

Encounter within
Soul to prepare
To our God of love
Consent be our prayer

A sacred nothingness
Dwelling right here
God of simplicity
Being is our prayer

Adrift in consuming
Of binding we share
God of acceptance
Presence is our prayer

Ascending above
Let soul be aware
In God of Presence
Everywhere is our prayer