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Like Never Before

A day of Thanksgiving
Like never before
With loved ones not gathered
Some here, no more

For those without work
Through struggles, endure
Those in great pain
Like never before

Great is our worry
Our hope to restore
The future uncertain
Like never before

We know the answer
Hold faith at the core
So, let us pray now
Like never before

For still, we give thanks
To the One with the cure
For we need Him now
Like never before

What Do You Want?

Let us ask a question
Of importancy
Pondering the answer
What does God, want with me?

That we are His beloved
Cherished through and through
To be within Him forever
That His love is true

With each of us a calling
To bond with Him in prayer
To proclaim His message
Of His love to share

To fully be ourselves
A life to live Holy
Blessing of our giftings
Who He made us to be

To rest within His love
Of known security
Beings of one body
To live it joyfully

The kingdom now is here
May His will be done
Bound within His love
That we all be as One

One Breath of Gift

Just for one moment
Not of an act, great
A practice of focus
To contemplate

One breath of breathing
Received as a gift
An offer returned
Of gratefulness lift

A realization
Of what our God gives
Fully dependent on
Our existence to live

Born out of love
Within His embrace
For everything’s blessed
And everything’s grace

Deeper and Higher

We all need more time
Thus, we live life fast
There is another way
To make this moment last

Pausing now to see
In gratefulness to dwell
An opportunity
To live this moment well

Slowing the momentum
Growing the soul deep
Cherishing through senses
To let this moment seep

A view of the higher
Lifting soul above
Receiving of the blessing
Know in this moment, love

To time beyond the mortal
With our God to be
To live within this moment
Of eternity

Windows of Light

Oh. God of unseen
So grateful to be
The windows of light
That You bless to me

One of our treasure
That we hold dear
Our binding together
Through the gift of prayer

In wonder of nature
The souls’ blessed to see
From flower to sky
Infinite beauty

The souls of our way
Unique colors to shine
Your facets of love
Of touching divine

Revelation 3:20

I will eat with you
And you will eat with me
A banquet of such treasure
Words of such beauty

I will eat with you
And you will eat with me
Bread that has been broken
We share in His body

I will eat with you
And you will eat with me
A body shared together
One of community

I will eat with you
And you will eat with me
One of transformation
Of heaven now to be

I will eat with you
And you will eat with me
Binding in One love
For all eternity

Things My Mother Left Behind

Can I share you some thoughts?
That often come to mind
Here are some things that
My Mother left behind

In your life’s journey
With all souls you find
Remember to be
Humble and kind

For a lost cat
Or a thin dog you see
Each day for the birds
Leave out food plenty

A love for flowers
Decorations so great
Life’s simple joys
To celebrate

Store in your soul
The joy life can bring
When dark clouds are looming
Think of happy things

With self-sacrifice
For family to care
Always take time
To lift up a prayer

Though she’s moved on
To our God above
The greatest remains
Is the gift of her love

Do things while you can
With this thought in mind
What are the things
That you’ll leave behind

Fragrance of Presence

On opening the door
Something here is known
A fragrance beyond senses
To the soul is known

Deep the welcoming
Of soft, gentle embrace
The fragrance of Your Presence
Fills this empty space

One of falling into
A simple being prayer
Offering my Presence
Is the response to share

Binding into One
Absorbing in above
Gratefulness for grace
To be consumed in love


It occurred to me as our life, we explore
That it is a series of many doors

Ones that are open and ones closed too
Ones we ignore and ones we go through

If we approach it from this point of view
Life can be less stressful and more joyful too

Selecting the doors of our journey, pursue
With a step of faith of trusting in You

And if the door closes may we still proclaim
Although disappointed we trust in Your name

For this is the door of greatest value
Let us open it wide to know Your love true

Today a door opened with gratefulness, pray
We rejoice together the Lord blesses your way

Burdens to Bear

A prayer in the morning
Of Presence to be
A pasture before me
Horizons beauty

With cross that is heavy
Of burdens to bear
Your arms of grace open
You welcome me here

With a deep breath
We open the spout
And like a rain cloud
We pour them all out

Into the ground
You take them away
Free now the Spirit
In peace now to pray